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Prototype & Wireframes

To elevate the user experience of this website, I have implemented color-coded categories to streamline topic grouping, enhanced font sizes and treatments for improved legibility, and removed unnecessary features like the "see next post" option with a suggested posts section. Furthermore, I have modernized the overall aesthetics to give the website a fresh and contemporary look.

Temple Law Voices Website

Working closely with the Temple Law Marketing Department, we recognized that the existing Voices website does not effectively cater to its intended audience: prospective students, admitted students, current students, evening students, and peer faculty/institutes. These groups seek valuable information about the school's environment, community, opportunities, activities, and scholarship programs. Unfortunately, the current site falls short in organization, with unnecessary features cluttering the interface and an outdated stylistic approach. To address these issues, I have undertaken the task of revamping the user interface and experience of the website, which is currently in development.

Design System

This design system follows Temple University's brand guidelines, utilizing the same color palette and typefaces. I introduced tints and shades of the colors to bring visual vibrancy to the design and established a typographic hierarchy for both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, I redesigned the website's logo to align with the new style guide.

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