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Design System

Because all branches of Temple University use the same color palette and typefaces, the colors and typefaces used in this design are the same from the college's brand guideline. However, I added tints of those colors into the mix and constructed a typographic hierarchy for both desktop and mobile. I also redesigned the logo for this website to match the current brand guidelines.

Temple Law Voices Website

The Temple Law Marketing Department and I identified that the current Voices website does not function well for the audience that uses it: prospective students, admitted students, current students, evening students, and peer faculty/institutes. These groups want to learn about the school's environment, community, opportunities, activities, and scholarship-work. The current site does not provide this well, as it is unorganized, cluttered with unimportant features, and outdated stylistically. I updated the user interface and experience for this website and it is currently in development.