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Sky Music Therapy

Sky Music Therapy provides evidence-based music therapy services to individuals and groups of all ages in the Philadelphia area. The owner, Nick, reached out to me to revamp their site as business was booming! The aesthetics of this website are revolved around Sky Music Therapy's logo - the guitar cloud! Elements are floating and shades of blue and purple are placed throughout. With the site catering towards a large audience, information needed to be displayed in a clean and concise manner, so that all viewers could understand the services Sky Music Therapy offers. To do this, I used multiple boxes to block of content in sections and used an easy to read sans-serif font, Poppins.


I wanted the overall style of this website to fun, engaging, and informational to all age groups, as they are the primarily audience on the site. To achieve this, I incorporated hover animations, imagery, and section blocks.

Design System

The color scheme for this website came from the guitar cloud logo with addition of a few tints and purple. I used a bold stylish font, Acier Ibat Display, as the heading with a clean rounded font, Poppins, for subheadings and body copy for easy reading.

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