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RT Wise Owls

I was approached by the Temple University Recreational Therapy program to take on the task of redesigning their RT Wise Owls website. Despite its widespread popularity and years of attraction, the site was lacking in both user experience and interface design. As the most renowned evidence-based practice website in the field, housing an extensive database and hosting an annual international Recreational Therapy Evidence-Based Practice Conference, it was evident that the website needed a fresh and modern look and I gladly accepted the challenge.


With college students and recreational therapists as the primary users of this website, the main focus of this design was on organization and a sense of fun. To achieve this, I blended both curves and straight lines. The gentle curves brought a warm and welcoming touch, while the clean straight lines ensured clarity and easy navigation for users.

Design System

This design system follows Temple University's brand guidelines, utilizing the same color palette and typefaces. I revamped the logo to align with the fresh and modern design of the website.

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