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Design System

The logo for this app was inspired by the shape of an organizing container. I wanted to convey that this app was fun through vibrant colors, friendly through rounded edges in both the logo and fonts, and easy to use through clean lines.

Prototype & Wireframes

I wanted this app to be as organized as its purpose. I sized the navigation button so that it was clickable and legible for the user, yet also provided ample space on the screen for large visuals. With video becoming more popular and engaging, there is also a section on this app similar to TikTok's platform, where creators can share their organization tips and tricks.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes

Orgit Organization App

I developed the user interface and experience for this app to help people organize their space, especially people new to the game who don't know what to search for. In comparison to other apps, such as Pinterest, this app guides the user with inspiration from organization professionals and provides products for people to buy to incorporate these systems into their lives. This app has not been developed yet.

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