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National Youth Leadership Council

The National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) is a non-profit organization that leads the field of service-learning by redefining the role of young people in society. They approached me to design and build a feature-rich website that includes three micro-sites for their annual events, an events calendar for workshops and other events, online payment options for registration, a resource page with a vast collection of documents and books, a blog for updates and resources, and versatile forms for various purposes.


I wanted the overall style of this website to be inviting to both young people and educators who are primarily using the site. To achieve this, I incorporated rounded shapes and typography, lending a friendly and approachable look, and large imagery and pops of color to catch the eye.

Design System

When I began this project, NYLC initially provided me with a set of 5 colors. However, there were no specific guidelines regarding their usage. During the process of building the site, I took the liberty of expanding their color palette by introducing tints and shades that seamlessly integrated into their overall design kit. Additionally, I carefully selected two fonts to represent the brand and established a typographic hierarchy to maintain consistency throughout the site.

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