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North Star Leadership

North Star Leadership is an education consulting company. When the owner of this business came to me, she said she wanted the brand to represent her work: intentional, purposeful, knowledgeable, and inclusive. To incorporate this, her logo is a north star compass: guiding her clients in the right direction. To tie it all together, we landed on a mix of blues and oranges to express both her cordial personality and professional attitude. I also incorporated a sophisticated serif font: Garamond, and a clean and universal font: Serenity. Because much of the owner's work consists of writing, she needed fonts that could work cohesively together and could be used in bulk. A page filled with Serenity as the body copy is pleasing to the eye and can be easily read. Garamond as a document title is not super distracting, which provides more professionalism to the content. Pleased with my work in branding, they requested that I build and design their North Star Leadership website as well.

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