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North Star Leadership

North Star Leadership is an education consulting company based in Philadelphia. When the owner of this business came to me, she said she wanted the brand to represent her work: intentional, purposeful, knowledgeable, and inclusive. To capture these qualities, I created a logo featuring a north star compass, symbolizing guidance towards the right direction for her clients. In order to unify the brand identity, we settled on a harmonious blend of blues and oranges, reflecting both her warm and approachable personality and her professional demeanor. For the typography, I chose a sophisticated serif font, Garamond, for document titles, and a clean and versatile font, Serenity, for the body copy. These fonts were carefully chosen to ensure cohesion and readability, as she frequently works on large documents. Serenity's legibility makes it visually pleasing for extended reading, while Garamond adds a touch of professionalism to the content without being overly distracting. Pleased with my work in branding, she requested that I build and design the North Star Leadership website as well. Check out my work with her below!

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