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Global Arts

Global Arts is an online e-commerce business that sells art from around the globe. When talking with the owners, they wanted the brand to be earthy and elegant. I chose Lust, a serif font for headings, coupled with Serenity, a sans-serif font, for subheadings and body copy. Lust provides an elegant quality to the brand with its high line contrast, smooth curves, and sharp edges. Serenity balances the pair with its smooth lines and simple curves. For the color palette, I chose a mix of warm and cool colors, all in earthy hues. The warmer colors represent the land the artwork comes from, including Africa and Turkey. The cooler colors represent the seas, as the artwork is shipped across the ocean to get to the United States and adds cleanliness to the brand. The logo for Global Arts is a globe, representing more than just where this artwork is coming from. The logo’s simplicity is reflective of the ease of shopping with them, and can also serve as a stamp for their shipments. Pleased with my work in branding, they requested that I build and design their Global Arts website as well. Check out my work with them below!

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